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You’ve never done full body strength training like this before! Flexibility for hyper people who know they need to stretch but just can’t stand to stand still = PiYo strength!

Listen, if you have to turn up the heat in the room so that people will actually sweat - then maybe your workout doesn’t build enough heat on its own?!? I’m Teaching #piyostrength at the Beachbody #leadership conference next Friday! Be there or look for it, or ask for it on your local health club group exercise schedule! It’s a crazy calorie burning flexibility and body weight strength training workout that will blow your mind! This ain’t yo mamas stretch class :)

Taking care of you MUST be a priority. If you deplete you of you, how can you expect to have anything left over for any one/thing else?


This is an event unlike anything else! We’ll close the doors and sit down together to get some serious work done. This is a workshop - I’m not just doing this to motivate you, we’re literally going to do work!

Here’s what you’ll be doing…

==> Taking a hard look at the important areas of your life and figuring out how to get them in balance.
==> Determining what happiness and success is to you by completing a series of very thought-provoking questions and exercises
==> Identifying your priorities
==> Making your list of crazy cool goals for the year
==> Identifying your PUSH goal
==> Brainstorming and reverse engineering your goals
==> Writing out a PLAN - your blueprint for success

You’re not just going to listen to me talk and be inspired. You will actually leave PUSH LIVE with a written-out plan of action. You’ll leave knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to create the life you want!

5 New Tips to use Instagram to build your brand! Day 4!

5 New Tips to use Instagram to build your brand!

“It’s official! New #Turbofire videos launch April 4th!!! #push”

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I love this

Giving up is for Rookies!


I love this

Giving up is for Rookies!

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